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The Sword & The Songbird

Aine Pennington is young. Beautiful. Famous far beyond County Pim and through all of Turalynn for her rhapsodic voice. Between her concerts, her bank fortune, and her mastery of the futures markets, she can buy and sell most earls and lords.

And she wants so much more.

Her best friend Kiyoe Amano wanted more, too, and has worked for all of it. She’s survived abusive parents and pedophilic bishops to become a naginata champion and a Marwbrite reverend, mere days away from summoning her last demon and becoming the thirteenth occultist in the history of the faith.

But upheaval is afoot and the gods are watching. And when Kiyoe inadvertently releases a demon plague of lust upon the quiet agricultural city of Milford, the ramifications will change both their lives forever.

Now Kiyoe is fighting for her life as the church that facilitated her abuse struggles to temper a power they may soon be unable to control. And Aine is climbing higher and faster than she ever dreamed possible—and maybe losing herself and her dreams in the process. As their fates and their gods pull them in different directions—as Kiyoe forges an alliance with the powerful Drionnic clergy Brendan Fitzharris, and as Aine finds herself forced by circumstance into the politically ambitious and cutthroat Tsiarkeh royal family—can their already frayed friendship survive the strain?

A novel of power, magic, and lust, The Sword & The Songbird is a visceral, fast-moving adult gaslamp fantasyan LGBT-friendly work of character and erotica minus the saccharine romantic clichés. A natural fit for readers of Jacqueline Carey’s award-winning Kushiel’s Legacy novels and Richard Morgan’s Altered Carbon, The Sword & The Songbird is a story of broken relationships—of finding out that what you thought you wanted may be just as bad, or worse, than what you already had.

What's New?


After some "artistic differences" with the honorable Mister Gillland, Rafael Andres stepped up to the plate and knocked it out of the park with the gorgeous cover seen left of here. That was the final step to publication. The ebook is now internationally available on Amazon. You can see his other work at his web site.


The Exile, a short story of Turalynn, will be published here over the coming weeks. Scene 1 was posted today. Read, comment and share.

See it in the Blog.


I'm frantically in need of readers and reviewers. If you would be interested in reading a galley proof PDF of the manuscript, contact me on the Contact page with an email address and permission to send adult material to you via your email address.


Cover Art for The Sword & The Songbird has been awarded to extraordinary British artist Alan Gilliland. You can see his portfolio at https://reedsy.com/#/freelancers/alan-gilliland

Concept art and cover reveals will take place as the work schedule is solidified. We're going for quality, not speed in this project, but the book can't be published without a cover.


Editing of The Sword & The Songbird is complete. Many thanks to my terrific editor Harrison Demchick for his hard work and suggestions. Mr. Demchick made me a better writer. What higher praise can there be for an editor?

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