Turalynn: The Exile, Part 3

2/10/1272 09:00 Arklow, Pamhia Province, Kingdom of Penamharik A knock comes on the door of the newly-purchased residence of Mistress Esperanza Costa. Then another knock. “If you don’t open this door, I can come back shortly with a warrant,” the masculine voice says.            Tania slowly opens the door but doesn’t…

Turalynn: The Exile, Part 2

1/19/1272 13:00 The Arghentian Royal Palace, Eoisle, Arghentia Princess Tselenah Cytheria Tsiarkeh’s take-over of the day-to-day government, piggy-backing on her younger sister’s efforts to assassinate their mother Queen Deirdre’s key advisors, is accomplished with a whimper rather than a bang. In the throne room of the Arghentian palace, Tselenah settles into the old, uncomfortable throne….

Turalynn: The Exile: Part 1

1/19/1272 09:00 Queen’s Convent, Arghentia Princess Tania Alejandra Tsiarkeh feeds papers and cipher books into a roaring fireplace blaze that is smoking up her otherwise empty sixty-fourth-floor penthouse apartment. The teenage Princess’ majordomo, Squire Emilio Costa, peers over the balcony’s railing to the crowded street below. “They’re here, Your Highness,” he grimly reports. “How many?”…

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Technology marches on

We’ve had to change platforms in the never-ending battle against vulnerabilities. I’ll be updating the site with the previous content as the week moves on. Things that you liked from the old site, including the buy-links and the blog serial, will return as I learn to use the new tools. In the meantime, please pardon…