The Saints and the Slaveholders

In the course of mere days, the incomparably ambitious Aine Pennington has been transformed from singer and bank heiress to the Lady Aria, peer to the realm and fiancée to Prince Valentino of the Tsiarkeh royal family. She’s never held more power.

Yet the Duchess is plotting. The Crown wants a taste of her tender young flesh. The Ring of Empire is calling out, and the gods are shifting their pieces into place.

For all her brilliance and fortune, Aria has never been less in control.

Darcy Patton has never had power, but he imagined himself to be in control: a successful lawyer, the personal attorney for his cousin Aria, and the object of lust for every woman in Milford. Yet his pursuit of the perfect reciprocal lover—and the broken hearts he leaves behind—send a seductive slave into his house and his entire life into chaos.

And then there’s Kira Amano, who has never known power or control at all. The useless little sister of Aria’s closest friend, Kira wakes one morning to find herself abandoned by her goddess in a pact with the Father of War—transformed against her will, an irremovable collar around her throat, into a Saint in a faith she’s never held.

Kira has power now. But whose?

In the rapidly colliding worlds of politics, ambition, and faith, where does true power lie? Who are the masters and who are the slaves? And can the young men and women of Milford take control of their rapidly changing destines before it’s too late?

The Saints and the Slaveholders is the exciting second venture into the gaslamp fantasy of K.C. Causey’s Turalynn.